Featured Series: Thaddeus Miles 365–Photography of the American “Other”

Thaddeus Miles:

I’m Thankful!

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When our TBL Administrator was growing up, she naturally thought that the best way to avoid getting a darker complexion was to cover up her body and avoid the sun at all cost.–and that this was a good thing, even encouraged. It wasn’t until she was around nine when she realized that her skin tone would never be “lighter.” And honestly, this is still a struggle that she deals with from time to time.

Understanding race relations as a social construct is a struggle for many individuals who are considered “other.” They live in divided worlds trying to act or fit in with peers who they are told they are equal to; and yet, they are caught in narratives that begin and end with the color of their skin.

Thaddeus Miles 365

So what does this have to do with photography? “A picture is worth a thousand words” or so the saying goes…

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“The Men of Color Photo Taken on Humboldt Ave, In Roxbury, MA”

Humboldt Shoot Ant_Web

More about this Photo soon.

“My Brother Keeper Boston Summit” A View From My Seat

I attended the “My Brothers Keepers Boston” Summit a few weeks ago. About 500 people turned out. I can’t explain the intended message because that not my place but I enjoyed myself. I have been looking out for imagery to be posted from portions of the event and haven’t found many, which is surprising with so many photographers there. Below are a few on my shots. I didn’t take many but I think the few I did capture illustrate the intensity of listening and thinking going on by all who attended.

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